I had the most wonderful thought in my mind
of leprechauns and earthly delights,
and all that entrails, those innuendos hidden there
well, hidden I say, but you know I don’t play fair.

Let’s raise up that thought and examine it thusly
a bit overstated, yes, true, but you’ll agree
that if you play fair, you won’t get nowhere
so heaven can’t blame us for wanting our share

Of all of the pot, all gold and why not
the rainbow, for christ’s sake, hand me the lot
the Irish can bicker and say it’s unfair
they can bugger off to America and ask for it there

But let us recap, I meant no offence
to gender or nation or plain common sense
I just got the notion that queen’s got it right
you take it all baby and then hold on tight

Yes, I know it sounds witty and quite true at that
most just won’t admit it, or just face the facts
it’s not my fault that most have been told
a god rolls the dice, lo and behold:

destiny’s born, admire the sight,
tremble in fear, all’s set, that’s right
no free will at that or reason to think
why what is what or that that’s a fact

So I’ll take the pot, all gold and why not
the rainbow, for fuck’s sake, hand me the lot
the Irish won’t mind, they’ve got catholic souls
Oh, my god, yes quite, or so I’ve been told.


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